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Since “The business plan……” is originally addressed to relations, who are all professionals and in most cases I know personally, the time has come to give some explanation about my motivation for this blog. I imagine some of you might find interesting link in my messages, discovering facts they were not aware of, but some certainly are wondering about my state of mind, thinking “here comes the new savior”, or “the new Nostradamus”, “our peace and love preacher” or many other funny comments. That’s fair and understandable. All of you, being very busy with the daily life and issues, need to make fun every now and then.

To write about it, was not the first motivation, since I had another concern I wanted to share. Doing some research, I realized the subject, was already well published on the net community, often with bitter words and the feeling of injustice. So, I tried to figure out if the changes that took place during the last 20 years, in our new globalized business model, really brought better conditions for the majority of the world population and realized that the situation was much worse as expected.  Inequities are ruling our world, to a frightening level, so I asked myself how I would manage a change and “the business plan” came to life.

Before explaining the strategy of the plan, I needed to present facts about our global situation, what I believe to be the potential threat and weaknesses of our unreasonable system. If the global community does not request immediate and major changes in the way the wealth is used and shared, to put an end to conflicts and strategic manipulations, to bring more equity, to make ethical rules for Artificial intelligence, to protect our environment and wildlife, than the lives of most of us will probably soon be a kind of survival, while the 20 (or less) will enjoy wealth and happiness.

The western world represents less than 15% of the world population, it is a “mature” market, working hard and living at credit, with an aging population, who’s being asked to work more years before retirement since the money collected is already spent and on the other side, some regions with a very young population, without jobs perspective, precariousness, lack of education, water, electricity and food. The greedy selfish decided 20 years ago to move out of the mature western world, focusing on emerging market with high growth potential, while at the same time, Artificial Intelligence is becoming another major threat for the future of most of us. These two factors combined are changing our life, and the western world standards, which is the model other regions envy and desire, are collapsing: social security, jobs, working poor, retirement, fragmented families, including high costs just for living. Unfortunately, it does not seem that globalization brought better conditions around the globe, on the contrary, it increased competition to the point that having a job is not a guarantee of well-being anymore!!

It needs one simple mind to believe things can be changed and another to believe our lives will get better in today’s model. There can be no change without sacrifice and some suffering, that’s true, words are not action, but reactions, against the future this system is planned, for the 80 of us. We don’t need a revolution, rather a step by step transition for the interest of the majority. To be successful, we need to be united, across the world, in order to bring our leaders to a table, requesting a remodeling of the established unfair rules.

I am not taking a risk by writing my thoughts, except to end up like “The fool” in the film of Yuri Bykov or like a fool writing to himself. I can live with both, as well as with jokes.Wink

Thank you so much for the reading.

Respectfully yours

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