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While discussing with friends about the inequities within our societies and the moral nihilism of the powerful and the leaders, one said: It’s been like this since the beginning and we can’t change it. Another replied that if we started all over again, we would end up the same way. The third said, I am not interested in what happens elsewhere, I want a job, and the last one added: You are too pessimistic!

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

All of us, no matter where in this world, came to life with the same innocence and fragility. Our life and future were in the hand of two unknown, who wished us. We needed attention, protection, and love. We didn’t know about colors of skins, about gods, about flags or borders, about the 20/80, but we learned it, very fast, and started to practice at school.  Our mindset came slowly in place, according to the latitude and longitude we live on. We ended to be enemies, using the lex talionis as THE rule. Are we now, condemned to be united only to express our pains and sorrows when the worst happens? Can we, all together, stop the ego, selfishness, greed and the madness of a powerful minority even with our blinded eyes, our deaf ears, and our lonesome souls?

They weren’t many, who managed to change their country’s destiny in a positive way! Last century, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, with their followers, did it. Martin Luther King and Yitzhak Rabin (like others) had dreams, that some didn’t want them to come true. Others, are in their daily routine, in silence and the shadow, doing the best they can to help the one’s that needs it. For the most of us, instead, our lives are too busy, running to work, running at work, running back home, that we resign ourselves to accept whatever this society gives or takes away.

If someone believes that this type of society can only bring uncertainties, and a precarious future for the majority of us, what would he suggest to change for first? “The Business Plan” mentioned three main issues, for the sake of all living, on the Earth: wars, inequities, and the environment.

Stop wars for a peaceful world!  Yes of course. Give me a couple of hours to shave my head, put my dhoti and sandals on, find some good quotes, take my wooden stick and I’ll be on my way, singing, All we need is love!  

There are too many financial interests at stake to change this deadly behavior. This year, the world military’s spending will beat all records! Millions of jobs are at stake, in the army, the weapons’ industries, the administration, that are concerned. We have to keep them busy. We need wars to test our new technologies, for which we spent so much on R&D already, not to forget the dealers, smiling, when the next conflict starts! We can’t fight against such interests. The leaders draped in our national flag, make us believe that we are the good guys, the saints, even if we started most conflicts in the name of democracy or autocracy. Since the powerful, don’t know about their madness and ego, it’s our mindset that needs to changes.

Stop to the injustice of the 20/80 system for more equity. Over 50% of the total wealth is shared by 1% of the total population. How long can we keep glimpsing away?? As long as we and our relatives are able to pay our increasing taxes for less social coverage! As long as we have a job, that will eventually be replaced with new tech or relocated? Shall we keep, trusting the powerful and leaders for humans’ kind destiny? The powerful 20 are not willing to share!  They don’t know about their selfishness, ego, and greed, it’s our mindset that needs to change.

Protect our environment! Our global lack of real action concerning our environment is certainly the best example to describe our modern and materialist society. The powerful, see the melting north pole as an opportunity for new and shorter shipping route or for new oil drilling areas. Not many, except for the experts, are paying a concerned attention to the consequences, such as the rise of global temperature, resulting in the sea level surge. The air pollution is also creating a greenhouse effect, increasing the global warming, as well. Not to speak of the water scarcity, which doesn’t seem to be of much concern? Couldn’t we start using the Archimedes’ principle, retaining 50% of the drinkable water that flows into our oceans, redirecting it with pipelines to drought areas, like we do for oil and gas? Can’t we invest more in R&D to improve the efficiency of desalination’s plant? Water is, for all living, a matter of survival, but our leaders prefer to invest in weapons of mass destruction, in the name of democracy or autocracy!  The Tweet man decision, to withdraw his country from the 2015 global climate change agreement, is a sad example! Our leaders behave, as if the given resources are here forever, they are not. They don’t know about their blindness and carelessness! it’s our mindset that needs to change.

Only two powers, serving each other interest are ruling this world and laying out our future. It’s a big challenge for a couple. Wouldn’t a third power, having no other purpose, as to build bridges across the global community, creating trust and empathy for the stranger, the foreigner, the different one, be of any help? Certainly! The question is rather if humans are interested in making combined effort to change their mindset and destiny? Unless the majority of us are satisfied with our lives and uncertain future? If we want the power to change the established rules, we need to be united; many, to be strong, and utmost convinced that the necessary sacrifice we will have to make, will bring more harmony on our planet, the one and only, since there’s no such thing as a good or a bad nation, there are only humans. To realize this utopia, The Gwangju’s Uprising reminds all of us that there’s no change possible without confrontation, and there’s no confrontation without sacrifice! We have to show our leaders and the powerful, that we want some changes. We will need to act simultaneously, for the sake of the community. Everyone everywhere is concerned. In fact, we just need to be as many as the social networks’ followers of the top 10 world’s stars, including the ones who listened to the Four Seasons of Antonio Vivaldi, played by the Budapest Strings which is used in the short film  below, showing the reasons and the foundation of “the business plan”. In other words, 12% of the global population, needs to take part in “the sacrifice”, to be successful!

Can we manage to change our mindset and react, with the little Rosa Parks’s spirit left in each of us, or are we now, fatalists, keeping, as we did for too long, our eyes and mouths shut, knowing but ignoring? If we can’t, another kind of sacrifice will eventually occur, that one by surprise, unwanted, and without any chance to glimpse away!! Our past is written and irreversible, and while trying to enjoy the present, we forget that we are now drafting the future! 

I am a pessimistic because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will. Antonio Gramsci

Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen. Horace Mann.


Coming last, on the end of August, Day 6: The business plan of the CEO of the world Inc. unlimited

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