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During the summer of 2017, we enjoyed very high temperature and heavy rain storm, threatening words from some leaders, social turmoil, and discontent, while the powerful celebrated their new Nr 1. The usual routine around the hearth. If each event would deserve the same kind of attention, it is the destiny of 3 women, that best reveals the sarcasm of our leaders and society: One decided to resign, frustrated about the leader’s inaction to find a real solution to solve conflicts. The second was fired and had to flee her country, after trying to clarify election’s fraud and the third one, disappeared after the burial of her man, that fought for the rights of his people, jailed and abandoned by all!  To every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction (Isaac Newton), but for the majority of us, inaction remains the safest way!

When all the words to express our indignation about injustices and inequities have been written and spoken and nothing changed, since they have been submerged by the endless flow of information that they lost all their meaning, words alone aren’t enough anymore to change mindset and behaviors, since knowing is neither willing nor doing!

For a real change, only the action can bring results for a better and more responsible global society. Action is more factual, but in order to be successful, it requires a conviction, determination, coordination, patience, and energy. The action is the only mean to show our disapproval and catch the attention of the leaders and the powerful. Since we can’t change their behaviors and ego, the “plan” suggests that we start to change ourselves in order to be able to negotiate a new order. The business plan is an invitation for a global human’s action, that will show some empathy and acceptance for our differences. Humans’ diversity is a strength for the world community, whereas uniformity represents a danger for our evolution.

Definition of a Business Plan: A document setting out a business’s (action) future objectives and strategies for achieving them.

Summary of the Business Plan:

  • The goals
  • The mission, the structure, and timing
  • The rules and conditions
  • The financing
  • The sacrifice and suffering


The goals

The main goal is to create an alternative global organization, called the World’s Humans Alliance Transition (W.H.A.T). The scope of this organization will be to build bridges of human’s goodwill between races, regions and nations, by using the know-how of the best, to reduce the hardship of the weakest, building vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, energy or water supply or to improve their capacity for farming process by teaching, and decreasing the vulnerability and dependence of some regions. To support and protect areas where wildlife and endangers species are living. To keep the global community aware of environmental and social issues, that increase the dangers for all of us, such as deforestation, drilling, industrial or farming pollution and implement new environmental solutions where needed.

The mission, the structure, and timing

The mission of the W.H.A.T is to work over a 20 years transition period, or one generation. It’s built around 22 independent nations, composed of the 14 highest GDP and 8 most advanced nations, technologically or financially, all combined, half of the world population. Each one of these nation (the provider), will be represented by a board of 20 members (the wise), all civilians, including one member of their government, all elected for a five years mandate by their citizens.   Each member will represent the best know-how of their nation and have shown, in their professional or social activities, concern for humanity. They will gather on a regular schedule into a headquarter, with conference room, dining, and lodging facilities, to plan actions and projects for countries or regions that need urgent support. The project’s proposals will be independently coordinated between the 22 providers and “the receivers”. The first step will be to define potential projects, locations, feasibility, timing, and costs estimate. Afterward, they will negotiate with the receivers’ authority for their approval and administrative support. Once the agreement is made, the private industry will be involved in planning, production, and logistic process. The scale of the project is not relevant, what matters is the scope. The goal is that each provider realizes two projects during the first five years.

The rules and conditions

  • Project will only take place in a peaceful area
  • Avoid any political implication or interference with the receivers’ authority.
  • Any project will need a full agreement from the receivers’ authority.
  • No bribery, corruption or taxes for the imported material will be accepted.
  • The technology and know-how will be supplied by “the provider” but the manpower shall, as much as possible be supplied locally.
  • During the construction, the receivers’ will be trained to run and maintain the infrastructure fit and running.

The financing

Concerning the headquarters’ construction and administration’s costs of the first five years, we will rely on the generosity of the powerful (who are human as well) in exchange for prestige favors. The land on which they will be built will be supplied by the hosting nation.

Regarding the financing of each project, we will request and obtain a tax of 0,1% (called the humanitarians’ tax) on each financial transaction occurring on all stock market. The money will be collected by a single entity, that will then allocate specific amounts, on a pro rata basis, to each provider nation to realize their project.

Some of the projects will generate revenues (like for example, energy or water supply, farming or rights on new technologies, developed and financed during a project and a small part of these revenues, will be collected to finance new projects.

The sacrifice and suffering

How can we manage to obtain from the leaders and powerful, that a global tax is implemented on the stock market transaction, to finance the project of the W.H.A.T? How can we motivate humans, who also became individualist within this selfish society, to act together for the sake of all? Obviously, it must be a give and take deal, since everyone has to see his interest in order to act! As written, there’s no change possible without confrontation, and there’s no confrontation without sacrifice!

This humans’ sacrifice has to be made by the global middle class, the ones’ that are working hard to stay afloat, but also the only one that still has the power to make a change in this wicked system, by simply changing their behavior! The consequence of that sacrifice will force the Leaders and powerful to accept the implementation of a tax on all stock market financial transaction, that will be collected for the W.H.A.T.’s humanitarian projects.

The human’s sacrifice will start on the 1st of November 2017 until the 24th of February 2018. Since the rulers see the majority of us as mere taxes payers and consumers, we have to show them our worthiness’ and solidarity, by complying to following actions:

  • Each one of us shall reduce the consumption of material products to the vital minimum to show our concern about resources.
  • During this period, including Christmas and Chinese New Year, we shall only offer self-made gifts to show our concern for the environment.
  • Eat meat and fish, only once a week to show our concern about the decaying mass food industry.

By simply following such behavior, we will disrupt the established system. Simultaneously, the resulting savings made will allow us to pay back some of our debts. It will be a real challenge for all, a sacrifice that will require in-depth explanation, especially to the younger one, but the CEO is convinced that even a simple mind can understand the reason and long-term benefit of the action.

It will create a temporary chaotic situation around the hearth, similar but not worst as the financial speculation crisis of 2008, that only humans will be able to put an end to when a tax on all financial stock market transaction is implemented for humanitarians’ action plan.

….And now they look at me with a sneer, not content with sneering, they hate me moreover. There is ice in these laughs (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)



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