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At 59 I consider myself a lucky man. I live on the nice side of the Earth, with my wife and two sons. I have all material things I need to be comfortable, connected and give a good impression to others! Traveled and met people from many countries. Had the opportunity to work for an International company and therefore dealt with Europeans, Americans, Indians or Asian colleagues.  In my activities, the chance to visit and get to know people from each corner of Switzerland where we have 3(4) different cultures as well as 3 (4) languages. I met great people everywhere. In fact, I realize, that humans around the world are not so different from each other, the most want to make a living with a job, enough food, a little comfort, someone to love, a family and some friends. This alone could make many happy, I believe.

Officially, I lost my job on the 31st December 2016, and for the first time of my life, I am unemployed! The kind of story we have heard so many times before, nothing new under the sun: a top ten Multinational, owned by a private equity fund is acquired by a bigger fish, that spent way too much to keep competitors at large and needs to realign costs and restructures even before the takeover party is finished! Name don’t matter in this story, they are not relevant since they change every time anyway. And if you think about it, everyone is doing his job, one the financial aspect and the other a stronger position on the market. The only loser is the employee!!

When you lose your job, you are at once outside looking inside. You are not on the move anymore,not the same kind at least: emails, phone calls, Meetings, multi-tasking, Strategy, Lead-time, Project, competition, on time, prices, stress, wishes of client, expectation of your Management, conflict of interest between the two!. The pace is not the same. You have more time available and start to make some reflection about our society and our world.

Searching to find a replacement of what is now lost, I discovered that our society has changed drastically since the turn of the 21st century. We have managed globalization, technology transfer, relocation of production, the dot-com bubble,  outsourcing, , the rise of the 2.0 economy, the smartphone and their apps, financial crisis, recession, temporary society rebellion, whistle blower alarm, wars and migration, and now trend to isolationism, all this in less than twenty years. In the meantime, the rich get richer, the middle class under pressure breaking into many “segment”, and for the poor they still try to eat once a day. This is true around the globe. I realize that what is holding the fragile balance of our globalized society is shaking alarmingly. The new business models, with the help of algorithm are killing existing one and influencing our choices and decisions. A system based on unending growth and higher profit is unreasonable and creates a fierce competition around the globe. All this accelerates the pace and rhythm of our life, creating instability and fears for a large majority of people.

I am apolitical, not right, not left, not green, not religious, not activist (this for the NSA, just in case). I have been like some of you, witnessing the political and technological evolution and revolution during half a century: Surprised, horrified, delighted, frighten, amused or exited by some major events. Human kind is capable of the best and the worst almost at the same time.

Being temporarily on idle, I decided to spend some of my time analyzing and trying to understand what is happening and dangerously threatening the daily routine of us all. I would like to share this with you, under the form of a short fiction:  The story of a business man, that has lost something important and while searching for a replacement, try to understand what is happening and what could be done urgently to avoid the dangers he sees on the horizon. There will be 6 messages posted, once a month, each one no longer as 2 pages. Don’t have lessons to give, for that I would need all the right answers, but on the last post the CEO will suggest a business plan for all subject treated. The main difficulties being to be clear, serious (but funny as well), accurate, simple, brief and of course remain positive. I am also interested to know if my perception is twisted by my own situation and would like to have your point of view, asking for 3 answers at the end of each written topics.

On the 9th of February, the first post of the story of “The business plan of the CEO of World Inc. unlimited” will be posted, you will be the advisers and judges with your answers and decide if my comments are relevant and if they deserve any attention. My goals with this blog are to bring some reflection and debate within our society and if only one of them, emerge and is discussed, I will have partly succeeded, and who knows, if I find a smart guy that looks beyond my CV and see what others can’t see, my messages will have at least reached someone!


Coming next: Day 1, our one and only.

PS: if all has been said already but not heard, is worth to repeat it again, especially now!Wink


Welcome to your Survey no 1

How do you feel our global environmental situation has evolved since 2000?
How do you feel our global political situation has evolved since 2000?
How do you feel that our global economical situation has evolved since 2000?

Thank you for your precious answers, a summary of all answers received will soon be published on this blog.

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