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Day 1: The one and only, the Earth

7h45. sitting at my desk, a cup of coffee in my hand, I am staring at the globe on my screen. Somehow it looks much smaller now as the one I had when I was a kid. Today is my first day as CEO of World Inc. unlimited and I am wondering about what a CEO does exactly? In fact, he does not DO much. The do part is the work of the one’s below, on the ladder. The hard and painful work is done by all his employees, this allows him no matter what, to keep a smile on his face, and the more they are the target of his decision, the harder they will have to work to realize his ambition! He does not get his hand on the dirt, would be a pity for his nice Corneliani suit.A good CEO analyzes with understanding, is a good listener and communicator and most of all has a visionary spirit. He’s the brain that lets others make his plans become reality. He’s not really the boss, in most cases he has to satisfy investors, shareholders and himself “for the bonus” (in fact that is the only job that no matter what the final result is, a bonus will be served)! For this position, I got a fixed term contract, ending on August 2017. My reward is only to show interest and empathy for our planet and all life on it (which up to now, beside recycling paper, glass or plastic did not interest me much). The shareholders are all livings on Earth, Humans, animals and vegetation.

In this case, my first thought goes for the big round stone we all stand on, our home, our nest: The one and only, The Earth. She gave birth to life as we know it today. To my knowledge, there’s only one, no alternative, no plan B, no escape. If something goes badly wrong, the game is over, even for those that wear the nice suit!

How fit and in which shape is she? She has a waist of 40’075 Km. It means that if you take a direct flight around it, you land 43 hours later, where you started! Not that big, is it? On the surface, she is made of 71% of water and 29% of Land!. Of all this water, less than 3% is drinkable, and only around 30% of the available land can be farmed!!  She gives us oxygen, which is produced mainly from marine plants in the ocean (around 60%) and from the vegetation on the land.  The Temperature of our environment is also crucial for all livings, influenced by the ocean, the sun and wind. Taking only these 3 criteria’s into account, water, oxygen and temperature, I realize that the Earth is not in very good shape. We can argue a long time about the reasons, but the fact remains!

She will not get bigger, on the contrary, with the Pole’s melting effect the available land surface will be reduced since many Islands and some continent boarders will be submerged, this is a fact and a matter of time. She’s on the move as well, with her Tectonics plate, that produces earthquakes, Volcano eruption or Tsunami. She is hosting humans with around 230’000 newcomers every day. Fortunately, mankind, the most evolved being on the place, is taking care of her. In case something would go wrong, Governments around the World, have an arsenal of solutions; with them, they can clean her up easily! Being real competitors, we manage to break one record after another, more pollution, undressing her for our needs, at an equal rate as the total surface of the country of Alois Alzheimer every two years, eradicating Wildlife including the fast extinction of our ancestors. There should be enough Fresh water for everyone, but like all the rest on our planet it is not shared equally. For now, Humans can manage somehow, but the wildlife and vegetation cannot!!

I am not responsible for all this, it’s the fault of the society and the system ! Not responsible for driving a 150HP car that goes up to 230 Km/h, when I am allowed 120 Km/h max, to buy cheap stuff that doesn’t last long and has to be replaced, to fill my house with things I don’t even remember to have, to change mobile phone every three years when the old one works fine, to throw away 10% of the food I buy, to waste water and paper, to have a Motorbike that I bought to bring back memories and that I use a few times a year, I am not responsible! What will happen when the hardworking class on the other side of the planet will request their due for the effort, and expect to have their share of material happiness as well? We will need to dig and drill deeper and deeper, to find resources and precious raw material to build the latest gadget that everyone wants, even the newcomers. Our next target is most probably the North pole.

The good news is that today, all is fine. The Earth is still, with her lakes, mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, the most beautiful and colorful of the Realm and she will still be here long after we’re gone.  For humans, Wildlife and vegetation it is just a question of time before something dramatic happens! Are we, with our solutions, prepared to face it? Are we using our technologies to protect and take care of our environment? Are we united enough for the potential migration of tens of millions of environmental refugees?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain.

Coming next on the 14th of March: who’s the Boss of the Kingdom?

Welcome to your Survey no 2

Could a lack of water create a major migration effect?
Could, air pollution be a reason for major migration reaction?
What is the cause of the climate change?

Thank you for your precious answers, a summary of all answers received will soon be published on this blog.


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