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Besides writing a story of the apprehensions of a CEO, I am primarily a job seeker and I can tell you, the search is an experience by itself. Last time I changed job was in 1998. That was last century and at that time I still met and discussed with people! Now things are totally different (again it depends where you are located, I speak here of my personal experience).

First, I don’t send job application per post anymore. Everything is done on the net and with pdf files. Generally, I find the job proposal on the web, with a precise description of the profile they look for, often without the company’s name or contact person? Not always but most of the time. In that case, my application is reviewed by a robot (algorithm software), that select specific fields, certainly defined by the employer, such as age, sex, first or last education’s year and so on. If I don’t fulfill one or more of these criteria, my application ends up in the trash can and no one will read it!! This could be the reason for which I don’t receive feedback. After replacing humans with robot for production, robots are now selecting humans for job opportunity! I was always curious to know how the future will look like. Not sure I like this indication. 

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