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This is the end dear friends, of 2017 that’s for sure. We managed this year as well, nothing utterly strange or unusual occurred, since we are still around and looking forward to the coming celebration’s days. Humans like to commemorate, to remember milestone period of our history, or for religious reasons, but we have also international commemoration days (not much known, since no day off) concerning human’s behaviors and actions, such as the mother Earth day, world wildlife day, the world water day, the refugee day, the humanitarian day and so on, none of the latest being as popular as the Black Friday, that’s for sure as well!

So, nothing changed, the daily routine goes on. The cities are shinning at night under thousands of lights. The shop windows are showing their best decoration, giving us a halo’s effect on our youth. A time when cash registers are clinging non-stop, over-heating credit cards terminals, and we move around frenetically. We worked hard, to be able to acquire some happiness for ourselves, relatives and friends. We will be sincerely loved and thanked for the gifts, as never been before during the year. A well-deserved but brief moment of reconciliation.

A time for peace as well, even if I heard that this year, there was fierce debate among the leaders because they could not agree at which time they would be allowed to resume hostilities!

Nothing changed. We keep staring at our worlds’ photoshop image and every once in a while, at the pointing finger of our experts. The Carpe Diem generations forgot that without tomorrow, life will lose all flavors.

A period, when I pass in review my balance sheet of the year, the success, and failure, making the good resolution for the coming one. For me, this year was made of ups and downs but all in all, very positive, even if I failed (human) to make you laugh and to save the world, but that’s only because everybody knows! No W.H.A.T or else will happen.  But I learned a lot looking into my binoculars from the outside, trying to share my discoveries in the most respectful way, respect is the first step in a possible dialog. The sacrifice is not so tough, but for the suffering, it didn’t come where I expected. To take a unilateral decision involving others, divide more than it unites (don’t you think Mr. President)?!

At least, I succeeded to convince myself, of living as a more responsible citizen for the Earth, the environment, with my simple means. Understood that I shouldn’t keep believing in an endless growth of the economy, higher profits margin, tax optimization, corruption, and that our leaders’ worries are concerned by our wellbeing.!

Am I a better human just because I paid some attention to this world? Yes, because my behavior, tomorrow and as long as I live, will be concerned by the consequences of my actions. Learned that I am still privileged and therefore not supposed to complain  , to accept and to resign to the rules of this society, where A.I., that we, like our society, created and sustained, is taking over, but everybody knows! However, that’s the world I live in, where all of us at the end, worship the same god. I am a different man now, ready and looking forward to getting back into the daily routine with l’envie, but more responsible, and concern for tomorrow, humans and the planet we live on.

This is also the end of my writers’ period and messages as well, and time to thank warmly, the pointing fingers of journalists, scientists, photographers, artists, cartoonists, musicians and the quote, I borrowed material from in order to illustrate my messages, that they supplied without copyrights on the Internet and obviously do not or might not share my opinion. To the ones that took the time to read them, without any comments, I am sincerely grateful and thankful. Not to forget the one responsible for the Website layout. Without all of you, my introspection period would not have taken place and I would have missed something important in my life.


Tonight, The little boy can go to sleep happily and have sweet dreams (di piccole cose) and tomorrow, humans will harvest what they sowed yesterday and all will be fine, ever after.

I wish all of you, a happy and peaceful end of the year, and remember that life is a gift and time is flying, so be responsible in 2018 and ever after.

Respectfully yours

Walter Zorzetto


In memory of Liu, Saffie-Rose and Aylan

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