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Day 2: Who are the bosses of the kingdom?

When Lucy and her friends started walking around the globe, they were not the dominant species, by far not. They faced, with bare hands many gigantic and dangerous enemies, and quickly understood that the only way to survive was with solidarity for one another. At the time, no walls or borders to cross, so they met and mixed with others and at the end of a long journey, Homo sapiens came to life.  Not so long ago, just 570 feet away! They fought their fears, hunger, extreme weather conditions, the unknown, violence, death, all of it resulting in a strong spirit for survival.

Today, humans have flags to be recognized, most get an education, and are well conditioned by the society and the media, but each one of us are still carrying some DNA from the origin, some, probably more than others which may explain the wars and hatred we still see today. Who are the leaders giving humanity the user’s guide of our life? Each one plays a role, but the main directions are given and influenced by a few, the strong, the others make alliances or just adapt. Who are the Bosses of the kingdom?

The review starts with the nr. 1 in terms of size and resources, which I name “the aggressive chess player” region. With huge reserve of oil, gas, precious raw metals, and investing drastically in new nuclear plant, it’s certainly a partner of choice for tomorrow’s need, especially for the Tweet Man. If his industries are not very competitive, he oriented the effort on high-tech, space exploration, export of military technology and strategy.  The aggressive chess player has led the country since 1999 (more or less!) He’s elected by the population’s voters and received more than 63% approval in 2012. It all looks good, but you better share his point of view if you want to stay in good health. He practices, like many others the 80/20 rule, 80% of the wealth for the nomenclature and 20% for the rest. Westerners are conditioned not to like him, since we don’t share the same opinion. His friend with people we dislike and that we would prefer to replace, allowing us to invade and kill in the name of democracy, leaving chaos behind us. He also invaded a small region lately, of which over 80% of the population is of the same origin, organized a referendum asking if they preferred to remain a part of his nation and more than 90% of voters wanted to! We didn’t like it, mainly for strategical (and not humanitarian) reasons, so we made sanctions. He’s defending the interest of his region and people, just like we do, defending his friends, just like we do. The world forgave others for mistakes of the past, why not the aggressive chess player?

I don’t know if this is all correct or not, what I know is that there’s since almost 70 years now a continuous war in the middle east, where the stronger is taking piece by piece a land away from the weakest. Besides words, what did we do against it, not much. As long as that region will fight there will never be peace on our planet (mainly due to religion) but there’s an easy solution to solve it. Since most of the territory is already colonized why don’t we make one single country of the two? People there must be tired of suffering, crying, and living in fears, most of them could live in peace together, it will take a lot of effort but yes they can, if the chosen one want to! Shalom Yitzhak

This brings me to “The golden sand” region, which we see as the richest of them all, with their huge oil and gas resources. Not so populated, all residents should enjoy a comfortable life. Unfortunately, they are practicing the 80/20 rule so they prefer to build a Palm tree on the ocean and golf course on sand as to take care of the neglected majority of the population. Most of the states are governed by a monarchy and the power is transmitted within the family. Their way of life is based on very old traditions where women’s right and liberties are limited, but they all seem to accommodate with this situation so we have to respect their choice. This model cannot be implemented elsewhere.

Nearby we have “The troubled family” region. Probably one of the best in the class, made of many little countries, each one with his own history, identity and organization. From the northern part, we have better educational and social system, in the center the commercial know-how, the methodology, accuracy and discipline. In the south, the creativity and imagination. The issue is that this melting pot is not mixing well. On the contrary, no decision is taken as a group, each one too busy taking care of own’s interest and priority, not even able to make choices about the invasion or dreadful conflicts within the family. The union signs international agreements without consulting  members? Interested to get bigger even when they are not able to manage today’s alliance? They have to carry the burden of the war refugees, that other initiated without complaining? Democracy depends on the choices we can make but it looks like politics talk and promises a lot, but are too far from their people’s daily reality. This region is certainly not a leader, just a follower.

Further South we have “The immature Teenage” region. It took them a long time to find liberty. They have been colonized, converted to religions, sent by ship to the West as slaves, and their resources stolen. Now with their liberty, all seems worst. The leadership is taken or lost with arms; When elected, they don’t want to step down at the term of the mandate. Election results often doubtful and ramping corruption. They practice the 80/20 rule democratically as well. The population suffers and many want to flee the region even though their fertility rate is by far the Nr 1 on our planet, under the wise recommendation of “the blessed fanatics”. Other, are very interested in the commercial and industrial potential of this region. Their lack of cohesion, makes them a rather insecure and unpredictable area, which can be a threat to the stability of neighbor’s regions. They will need special attention and support for a new global order.

Fortunately, we have “the blessed fanatics” to teach us how to love and live in peace with each other, theoretically at least. The leaders of this category probably get instructions from their lord, who change name depending the religion they teach and make a transcription for us. In that case I wonder why some of them never condemn publicly the horror made in the name of their god? Do they believe that shooting the name of God while killing innocent, will bring them a reward? I think instead that their God will be very irritated and furious about it. Their belief are more than 2000 years old, it is time for an update. I have respect for religious people, as long as they let everyone have their own idea on the subject and do not interfere with the life of the skeptics. The 3 main religions have also brought colonization, war, ignorance and hatred in our world, it is time for peace now, which is certainly the message the Gods gave us from the beginning.

On the Eastern side, we find “the patient general”, Nr 1 in term of population and the soon to be in terms of revenues. Certainly not easy to manage such numbers and size, but they do, following a big Industrial revolution that started 35 years ago (this alone convince me that we can change the system if only we wanted to). Today everyone wants to work with them. They acquired technology, know how, are competitive and good business people. They learned very fast, driven by the capitalists will and can produce everything needed by themselves or others. After centuries folded on themselves, they choose successfully to open to the world, today more than ever. Their time has come again and for a while I imagine, but they also face many issues: aging population, which may create social tension, air pollution, which increase mortality rate, huge social gap within the society since they know how to practice the 80/20 rule as well. They still have a communist and authoritarian government, which is not what other regions are looking for as model, but they are opening more and more to the world, for economical and industrial reasons. They are as important to the world as the world is for them.

In all regions, we find “the greedy selfish” the owners or managers of the 80% part of the dollar coin. In some case, they worked hard to get it, but the origin of such wealth are doubtful to say the least. The worst praxis is speculation, especially on food or resources of primary necessity. They play with our pension funds, savings or money they don’t have, like with toys! They take big risk, with our money, to make more money for themselves. In this case, don’t laugh when the market goes down, because we all are concerned as well! We have seen the consequences in 2008, but it looks they did not learn from it. Of course, we had to save them with more tax payer’s money. Nevertheless, we need them since they will play an important role in the business plan.

I wanted to write about “the proud followers” or “the unreasonable giant” or “the dark siders” but you are running out of time, so I finish with the Nr 1 in many fields whom I named “the smart gambler”. The one I know the best of the top three, since I lived 5 of the most beautiful years of my youth over there. It was the 1980’s, ignoring that I was at the center of the creation of the new technologies we all use today, Apfel was just born. It was the first time I heard of El Niño and Aids. With their imagination and will, they show the way, their way. They work very hard for what they earn, with an average of 10 vacation days paid a year…. all this intelligence for that? Is the country of the winners, with many losers left on the sidewalk! They are the master of the 80/20 rules. In God we trust, is written on their dollar bill, but each citizen has weapons at home. They don’t like to be upset and when they are, they invade and destroy. We all know their qualities, but I have real concern about one of their weakness: Money. Their government, states, cities, and citizens all live a high standing on credit. The consolidated debt is amazing compared with others. We are financing this partly as well, since other regions own more than 1/3 of their total debt value, through acquisition of government bonds. Don’t expect the Tweet man to change this, on the contrary, he will certainly by the time he steps down, beat all debts records, just to make his nation great again. He’s a smart gambler, first because he got elected democratically with almost 3 million vote less as the lady. Second, he knows how to distract attention with promises, bringing back jobs, sending back illegal migrants, building a wall or banning some ethnics on entering his country. All this is what citizens want to hear, the truth is that what he’s interested in is money and business, especially for his close funds raiser (the 20 parts) and he doesn’t care if this is done together with the one his country has been fighting indirectly against since over 70 years, the aggressive chess player, money is money! Fortunately, in that region the president does not have all the power and the people will remind him of it. This model would not be so bad, but who’s going to pay the debt then?  Don’t lend money to gamblers, they have no limit! If the world follows this model, resources will not last a decade. Nevertheless, like someone you once loved dearly, I will always have affection for this region.

In fact, we see that humans have not found the ideal compromise for living happily ever after. Each region offers good and bad solutions but rising social inequities are common to all of them and the gap between them is increasing dangerously. No matter the political system used, the 80/20 model is the reference for each of them since the real power is in the hands of the greedy selfish. 80% of the world population live on less than 10US$ per day? Is this the model we shall keep following? The silent majority remains in a state of lethargy, politicians keep on making promises, and the rich get richer. To change “we must combine the pessimism of the intelligence with the optimism of the will” Antonio Gramsci or accept our 20% share and remain silent! When injustice is a law, resistance becomes duty “attributed” to Thomas Jefferson (in fact, I prefer what he really wrote!).

Coming next on the 28th of April: Humans in a world of technology

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